niedziela, 6 czerwca 2010

love is in the air

t three days were absolutely amazing - no calls from parents, my home only for us, what more can I say? Unfortunately, both of them had taken the cameras - and i couldn`t take any photos. So i`ll show you some  older photos instead ;)

I have to clean my room - kitchen is already clean (all the beer and wine bottles are taken - love u B!),  `cause daddy comes to see how i manage with learning spanish ;) Also, he had my nikon camera for this  weekend and he says that it totally doesn`t work! I could manage with it earlier, and how B says, it just has it`s "that time of the month" - just like me... So, i don`t know if i have to worry... The other problem is the spanish test tomorrow! I learnt yesterday making grammar exercises and today i`ll do something with vocabulary and i hope i`ll get trough ;)

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