czwartek, 26 sierpnia 2010


 Dzisiaj nadrabiam zaległości i pokazuję nowości z tych wakacji. Poniższą notkę sponsoruje cena 10zł ;)

 Well, sales are coming to its end, and it`s time to sum up everything, what i bought this summer. What is surprising,  i wasn`t shopping too much - maybe two or three times i visited some bigger shopping centres. When i look at this now, i can see most of my buys are accessories. Here you`ve got:

starting with NOT accessories - two adorable tunics, irreplaceable in these hot days (both for 10zł - something about 2,5euro):
new yorker
Next - shoes. what can i say? It was worth to be patient - i couldn`t believe, when i saw prices of these!
 zara (39zł - 10euro)

nike (99zł - 25euro)

with these i can wear it with everything ;)

And now something about today`s shopping. I went out in these:
cardigan - pull&bear
tshirt - zara
tramps - stradivarius%%

And came back with these:

jewellery - i am
(rabbit - 19zł - 5euro
two other rings - 10zł - 2,5euro
earrings - 10zł - 2,5euro)

When I wanted to sit to write this note, i noticed, that i have another one new "accessory" at home!

And now last thing, i promise... My boy is so stylish too! Just look at his socks:

piątek, 20 sierpnia 2010


I know, i haven`t been here for a while. It`s all because i wasn`t at home, but i wanted to make some outfits now, when i came back, but... I`m ill! Everyday i feel better, but i have antibiotics and i`ll have to stay at home for next five days at least. So, this is my outfit at the moment:

and here you`ve got more pics from last session:

piątek, 6 sierpnia 2010

stripes one more time

Wiem, że trochę mnie nie było, ale dzisiaj znów wyjeżdżam, dlatego spięłam się, aby zdobyć trochę zdjęć do wstawienia tutaj. Oto wyniki dzisiejszej sesji z Izą:
shirt - bershka
skirt - terranova
leggins - new yorker
shoes - sh