piątek, 20 sierpnia 2010


I know, i haven`t been here for a while. It`s all because i wasn`t at home, but i wanted to make some outfits now, when i came back, but... I`m ill! Everyday i feel better, but i have antibiotics and i`ll have to stay at home for next five days at least. So, this is my outfit at the moment:

and here you`ve got more pics from last session:

3 komentarze:

  1. Zdrowiej zdrowiej! swoją drogą, to nie najgorszy jest Twój chorobowy outfit, w końcu sam Ciasteczkowy! :)

  2. o jaki fajny plecak, też bym chciała taki skórzany

  3. Lovely pullover and backpack! Hope you feel much better soon!